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We Airmax Pneumatics Ltd are a part of the vast and ever-growing valve industry since 1992. Being one of the leading and profound pneumatic valve manufacturer based in India, we boast of a wide range of Pneumatic Cylinders, Directional Control Valves, Rotary Joints & FRL Units in various sizes with various Features. Dedication to detail, Belief in hard work and an urge to customers satisfaction are the keys that play the most important role to our valuable team.

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Airmax Pneumatics?

Airmax Pneumatics prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction by adhering to rigorous industry standards. Their commitment is evident through their achievement of certifications like ISO and CE, specifically for their pneumatic valve and cylinder products. These certifications demonstrate that Airmax Pneumatics follows internationally recognized best practices in design, manufacturing, and quality control.

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Quality Policy
Incoming Materials –Inspection of Casting, Forging, Raw Material, Hardware, Brass Etc
Line Inspection
Line Inspection of Components, Sub-Assemblies Manufactured On the Shop Floor.
Inspection of Packing and Dispatch.
Maintaining test Records and Inspections Results.
Quality Assurance and Inspection of Components and Sub-Assemblies Supplied By Approved Vendors.
Performance Test
Final Inspection and Performance Test.
Tools and Instruments Calibration and Maintenance of Test Standards.
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