We Airmax Pneumatics Ltd. are the leading manufacturer and exporter of Pneumatic Cylinders in India. We offer a huge range of pneumatic cylinders along with a large stroke range. We also make it as per the Client’s Requirements and Drawing.Since 1992 we are in the pneumatic field, our manufactured Pneumatic Cylinders are available in sizes from 12 mm to 500 mm bore, and 10 mm to 2000 mm stroke. We use high-quality Aluminium Barrel, Stainless Steel Barrel, and M.S. Honed & Hard Chrome Plated Barrel in the making of Pneumatic Cylinders.

We have a wide range of Pneumatic Air Cylinders, these cylinders are working on two different principles – Single Acting and Double Acting. We also provide various types and designs for miscellaneous uses. There is a compact design for low space and also for heavy-duty purpose air cylinders are available.

Single Acting Air Cylinder

In a Single Acting Air Cylinder, there is a fixed spring fit in a single port barrel opposite of the moveable piston. Whenever required to operate the cylinder, compressed air passes in the barrel through the port, that air pushes the piston towards the spring, and when air pressure stops, the spring pushes back the piston to its original position.

Double Acting Pneumatic Air Cylinder

Where the Double Acting Air Cylinder has two port barrels without spring. Whenever requires to operate the Double Acting Cylinder, compressed air passes in the barrel through the first port, that air pushes the piston ahead and when it requires to send back, stop the airflow from the first port and passed the compressed air from the second port, that compressed air from second port sends back piston to its original position.

We make Heavy Duty Air Cylinders which can handle 12kg/cm2 pressure capacity and can bear 180°C temperature. With a 2500 mm stroke and a large range of bore size, this heavy duty cylinder can fulfill all requirements. There are also compact designed air cylinders available to solve low space issues with high performance and cost-saving options.

Customization capacity 

We provide customization options in various parts. We offer a large bore size, stroke, rod, and pressure range. As per requirement we also made changes in raw materials.

Production & Quality Assurance

We have full in house production, a great team of highly experienced engineers, and a separate quality department to ensure the performance of the products. Each cylinder has to pass our quality testing before delivery. These cylinders provide a clean workplace and quick action with low maintenance.

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